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The New Slot Machine System at Land-Based Casinos

It is pretty certain today that online casino have much more advantage over the land-based casinos. That is why land-based casinos are now doing something to change the situation. Because all online casinos are server-based, therefore they are enjoying the total freedom when it comes to slot machines. This means that online casinos have the capacity to modify the slot machine games and formats with total ease.

When compared to the land-based casinos, changing games and formats of slot machines is a very laborious task. That is why land-based casinos now are adapting themselves to the next large technological upgrade that is going to happen to slot machines on the casino floors all over the world.

Land-based casinos are now adapting to new server-based slot machines. Through these server-based slot machines, land-based casinos will now have the capacity to modify the denomination of the slot machines, the payout percentage, and even the appearance of the slot machine.

The land-based casinos will now be able to gain advantage over the various demographic groups of players that will visit them on a particular weekday or specified timeframe. The land-based casinos can now let the sever-based slot machines to be of nickel denomination during daytime and then change to quarter or dollar denomination during nighttime and weekends.

The Missouri Gaming Commission has already tested this system of server-based slot machines. So far, the server-based slot machines have been flawless and even the players cannot distinguished any difference between the server-based slot machines and ordinary slot machines.

The server-based slot machines are already tested in some casinos in the Las Vegas area. Once all the tests are done, the license for server-based slot machines will be applicable statewide and most casinos will definitely adopt the system promptly. The tests are done to see how slot machine players will react to the new system and how will the new technology execute the task over an expanded period of time.

There is only one major concern that slot players have about the server-based slot machines and that is that the casinos will change the games in times when players felt that they are going to win already on that slot machine. This issue has already been addressed of because land-based casinos will be announcing beforehand if a particular slot machine will be changed into a server-based slot machine in the near future. Thus giving enough time for players to prepare themselves for the upcoming change. And a rule has already been established that a slot machine has no ability to change unless it has become inactive for four consecutive minutes.

Server-based slot machines are definitely the future of slot machines at land-based casinos. It’s a big advantage to them and players are not seem to be affected by the change somehow.

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